Multi Vendor Configuration Conversion for FortiOS

Managing Migration
With many of today’s emerging technologies a challenge that often arises is that of migration. As we all know today’s technology is ever moving forward and with this comes its own issues. One of the most common ones is that of transitioning older complex configurations onto new and next generation solutions. This from a high level can look a relatively simple task however for any manager of security solutions they will see this as one of the biggest challenges that they face. With FortiConverter 金百利娱乐 offers their customers a simple supported process for this. Historically this has been a heavily manual or professional services driven engagement, old configuration data along with errors often exist but there is often a fear of removing.

Configuration Validation
When transitioning to Next generation security platforms we believe that this should be as seamless as possible and for this reason 金百利娱乐 have developed the FortiConverter software solution. Errors that have existed for a number of years but because of the nature or location of these have never been discovered or caused problems within organizations are often missed or overlooked. With the FortiConverter product this provides a simple process for the validation of these configurations. To perform this manually can often take hundreds of hours of expert analysis, if it is possible at all, while with FortiConverter the smallest possible amount of information is required to ensure accurate.

Professional Services
Professional services engagements can be a complex and time consuming process however by utilizing the automated features of FortiConverter 金百利娱乐 partners and customers have the ability to accurately predict and manage these engagements. An added advantage of this is the reduction in human errors that can often occur. By the logical and structured approach that the solution provides it is simple to incorporate this into a process and subsequent project with predictable timelines and therefore cost.


Features & Benefits

  • Multi Vendor support: Conversion from Cisco, Juniper, Check Point and SonicWALL
  • Single tool for multiple installations allowing for cross vendor installation conversion
  • Minimal Fine-tuning: Automated configuration conversion minimizes information required for configuration conversion
  • Significantly reduces the possibility of human error into the conversion process
  • Identify and eliminate errors in existing configurations to allow the new platform to operate at maximum efficiency and security
  • Avoids copying of unused items or objects into the newly created configuration
  • Unlimited Profiles: the FortiConverter Premium license allows for the conversion of even the largest and most complex firewall and security configurations
  • Flexible options for chargeable and free to use versions



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下载 FortiExplorer

下载 FortiExplorer 看到它是多么容易的设置和配置FortiGate和FortiWiFi产品平台的。

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