The FortiDNS-3000D is a dedicated, high capacity secure caching DNS appliance targeted at medium to large enterprises, government and educational customers, and provides caching DNS with a focus on security. It is also a high performance DHCP server, which enables fast IP address allocation for large networks.



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Product Name FortiDNS-3000D
Total Network Interfaces 4 x 10/100/1000 RJ45 Ports, 2 x GbE SFP Ports

FortiDNS-3000D Secure DNS caching & DHCP Server Features & Benefits

  • Hardened appliance format with GUI-driven configuration significantly reduces both the complexity of deployment and operational overhead
  • “Powered by Nominum” delivers market-leading carrier-class DNS to the enterprise
  • High performance DNS caching speeds up name resolution and ultimately network performance
  • Strengthens enterprise security with a highly secure implementation supporting methods including
  • Transaction ID Randomization
  • UDP Source Port Randomization
  • Case (query name) Randomization
  • IPv6 and DNSSEC support enables deployment with confidence that FortiDNS will meet future requirements
  • High performance DHCP server enables fast IP address allocation for large networks with many or transient clients and rapid network recovery on e.g. power outage or switch reboot


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